Arctic Silvfoxes were available in the den.

They were released on June 18, 2011, but like all the adoptables with beta sprites, they were removed on 11/23/2011. They were finally updated and re-released on 2/18/2013.


Egg: "This egg is as white as snow."

Foxling: "'s a fox kit! It's fur is a soft, pure white and it's bark is an adorable squeak."

Adult: "Arctic Silvfoxes are a small breed that stay in small family groups consisting of parents and offspring. Their barks are unusually high pitched and birdlike, possibly to throw off predators and to make family members easier to find. They live in snow bound areas where their dazzling white fur helps camouflage them. Unfortunately their thick yet soft fur is highly sought after and this species is a common victim of poaching."


Series Egg Baby Adult


Arctic Silvfox Egg
Arctic Silvfox Kit 2
Arctic Silvfox Female
Arctic Silvfox Egg
Arctic Silvfox Kit
Arctic Silvfox Male
Older ArticeggSprite
Original 460fc5b25e4e3f5249236edf4b420672 088b3260b5e6580e166336cc98de3508 Bbbd05c55bf14de8552737589d9b1585

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Dead
Arctic Silvfox Egg
Arctic begg

Detail ArtEdit


Current Set- birdzareboomin

Original Set - Switch
Egg sprite - SilverDragonTears

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