Available in the den.

They were released on January 13, 2013.


Egg: " This dark egg has bright bands of color on it."

Foxling: "'s a fox kit! It has really dark fur that has some bright patches in it."

Adult: "The Azurichite Silvfox is a rare and reclusive breed that lives in deep, dark caverns. They travel outside only at night to hunt before returning back to their caves during the day. To adapt to the extreme darkness of the caves in which they live, their ears have grown to be slightly larger, so they are even better at hearing what is going on around them. Their pelts seem to glow in the dark and give off a beautiful shine, making their fur highly sought after. They particularly love shimmery, colourful rocks and most Azurichite dens that have been discovered were full of them."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 167333692e4f63bd8769c89f5375851a 90f8b8503b1a1a11ccc9f8326f578516 Ff93d430e55f1bbf8e88cad8706a0dd9
Male Ad42bcfdf6f2ac72ed11f2e247513d90 21a9fb1f2daea965a4184d9d3165c7ba

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
167333692e4f63bd8769c89f5375851a 06a228a04f464fa907306e4d82e7f16a 9b3fe0eb4ad13af8cc34a9596f6cca63 Ac77327e79ff120aae18b99f235b7eb0

Detail ArtEdit



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