Bat Silvfoxes are currently available through Donation.
Bat fem

They were released on August 7, 2012.



Foxling: "Aww... look! It´s a fox kit! It has huge ears and seems to be nocturnal."

Adult: "Bat Silvfoxes are small, usually only about half as big as most other Silvfoxes. They screech at very high pitches as they run, listening to sound waves so as to know where to go. They are only active during the night, when they hunt small nocturnal rodents. Bat Silvfoxes are very agile, never having been seen tripping or running into anything. As they run, their fur shines in such a way that they become no more than flashes of silver moonlight. This quality tends to cause other creatures, even large ones, to fear them."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Bat egg 9e7185bb1d03409cae51f1e0887d8079 5fff7f2b4277fd8abea421be2a5b48c1
Male Bat egg Bae25f01b1eb669a994ff0880980bbfb Bat male

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Set - kristhasirah