Chocolove Silvfoxes were released in the den Feb. 14th for Valentines day


Egg: This egg looks and smells like chocolate.

Foxling:'s a fox kit! It has tiny wings and looks and smells like its made of chocolate.

Adult: Chocolove Silvfoxes are playful and sweet to other creatures. They run around excitedly during the days around Valentine's day, scrounging up random presents to give to other animals they may come across during the holiday. Males are usually very romantic and kind to females, especially on Valentine's day. Adults always teach their kits how to act properly and how to treat other animals with love and warmth. The deeper in color their chocolate fur is, the healthier they are.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 869ac3b713ee507ff02fdcfdfa53af3c 813e6f894dd6fea98bf52b6854435938 0092ba6055404e07bb2e155ff9109789
Male 869ac3b713ee507ff02fdcfdfa53af3c F5a065981bc59c70eab57e597bf91cfb 40faba4e643c4fd6f9c5176185f3f329

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


kristhasirah, birdzareboomin

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