Clouded Moose are currently available in the shop for 1000 Silva Dollars.

They were released on January , 2012.


Egg: This egg is heavy and spotted.

Hatchling: Aww...look! It's a moose calf! This calf has an odd color.

Adult: Clouded moose, so named for their leopard-like markings, are just like normal moose in many ways. The males are usually solitary and territorial, especially in mating season, and they use their large antlers to fight off other males. The females, though more docile than the males, can still be quite aggressive while raising their calves.
No one is really sure how clouded moose got their distinctive coloring and markings. Some believe that their odd coloring indicates that they are creatures of magic, while others believe that they are simply a rare color morph of regular moose. The truth, however, has proved to be just as elusive as they are.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 1376acc2bfeae55575a5fa1af3c23783 3ae20ef9b187860de844be869f383d12 Cloudedmoosefemale
Male 1376acc2bfeae55575a5fa1af3c23783 1a825db182533daa450cb53fa7164ce9 Cloudedmoose-1

Detail ArtEdit


Set - Elena

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