As you walk through the misty woods... a sort of blue fog begins to settle in the forest. You stumble upon a nest of eggs, and you can see tiny ears and fluffy tails beginning to poke out from the eggs. It appears the mother has left these eggs unattended, giving you a chance to steal one. Since you have visited here before, you have set up camp in your own Den and keep records of the animals you have captured. You can also take an egg or baby that has been abandoned.
Which one do you take ?


The Den is the main page of the site where users can click eggs to adopt. There is a link to an abandoned page as well as to the user's personal den.

Eggs found on this page all look the same. Generic grey eggs with a question mark symbol. Users must guess what is inside the egg based on the description beneath it.


Originally, there was only a single den but new dens were eventually added.


Main Den - The original den, found on the main page of the site. It is where a majority of species are found.

Seasonal Den - The second den introduced, it changes appearance as well as the type of egg found within depending on the season.

Twilight Den - The third den introduced, it is the only place to get twilight silvfox eggs, though it is usually empty.

Forum UpdateEdit

When a new species is released, the forum displays a notice that reads "A New Egg Has Been Released In The Den" and displays the generic egg. Not all eggs are found in the den, and some can can only be obtained through the SilvAshop.


Silvfox List

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