Faceless Silvfoxes were originally available in the Den.


They are a MALE ONLY breed inspired by Slenderman.

They were released on October 28, 2012 at midnight and were available until November 10th. This long drop period was due to the widespread power outages thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

They are a special adoptable released for Halloween of 2012 and are no longer obtainable apart from breeding during halloween or via trade.


Egg: This egg seems to change size and shape.

Foxling: Aww...look! It's a fox kit! It seems to stalk the other kits, but never actually plays with them.

Adult: The Faceless Silvfox are named for the fact that they have no discernible face. They are a rare and frightening breed, often only seen for a moment. These occasional encounters are nothing to be concerned about, but it is said that when a Faceless Silvfox begins stalking you, you should beware. A target of a Faceless will usually begin suffering from nightmares, hallucinations and paranoia. They are convinced that they are being followed though those around them do not often see the silvfox. It is unclear why Faceless Silvfoxes choose not to interact with humans or other animals but, while their targets often suffer many strange accidents, the silvfoxes themselves have never actually been seen and proven to have caused the unfortunate events.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Male Only D624b0ab3503a77fc5faf1a03ec1b70d 880f4d5ba7a9ffd5ef4cfea9c3acb0cc A8ee41712ad579388b8d59a3a6af0ad5

The Faceless Silvfox has a unique hatching sequence in which tendrils wrap around the egg.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
D624b0ab3503a77fc5faf1a03ec1b70d 00f6173ae0669c0a83904fd0d07c21ea 912d0338430eb0210e9bf87604138375 A60f34945160746721d80f2f6b0378df

Detail ArtEdit


Set - kristhasirah

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