Fennec female
Fennec Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.

They were released on August 31, 2011 and their art was updated a year later.


Egg: "This egg blends in with the sand and dirt."

Foxling: "Aww...look! It's a little fox kit! It doesn't do much during the day, but at night it has boundless amounts of energy."

Adult: "Fennec Silvfoxes are small nocturnal omnivores, hunting small rodents and munching on plants with soft leaves. They make their dens in scrub and desert environments and thanks to their large ears and short fur, do not suffer at all from the heat. This breed is generally gentle and timid, preferring to flee rather then fight. However, if a kit or loved one is in trouble, they will not back down until they know the other is safe. When hand raised from kit hood, this species seems to make decent, if not highly energetic, companions and will adopt other creatures in its home. This behavior simply doesn't happen in the wild and is believed to be a result of domestication. They form strong bonds with others and are very affectionate to those they like."


Series Egg Baby Adult
current Female Sand 1 2130737ba624eb648403eba1d97c707 Dfa4574ffe8d5644edf4929e16f48924
current Male Sand 1 2130737ba624eb648403eba1d97c707 20e5bab094631610fd652f6f4a89c51
Original Female Fennecegg1 2130737ba624eb648403eba1d97c7078 4709
Original Male Fennecegg1 2130737ba624eb648403eba1d97c7078 Fennecfoxling2copy copy

Detail ArtEdit


adults and kit - Hatchiko
Digitals - Hawaiianbabidoll
egg sprite - superdude44, Hawaiianbabidoll
Old Digitals - Kristhasirah, Hatchiko

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