Forest Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.

They were released on June 27, 2011.


Egg: This egg blends in with the surrounding forest.

Foxling: Aww... it's a fox kit! It loves to roll around in the grass and its tail is a soft, mossy green.

Adult: Forest Silvfoxes are the caretakers of the forest. Their diet usually consists of berries and other seeded plants, though if they come across a deceased animal they will eat it instead of letting the rotting flesh taint the forest. The fur from a Forest Silvfox has unusual properties, one of which is its high quality as a fertilizer. Areas with high populations of Forest Silvefoxes have much healthier plant life due to the shed fur. Their green furred tails also appear to have traces of Chlorophyll. In the summer when the canopies are thick, this provides only a miniscule boost in energy. However, when winter strips the leaves from the trees, their tails provide a decent supply of energy, allowing them to survive the winter without needing to eat as often.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Forest-0 2ForestH Th 11ForestF-1
Male Forest-0 2ForestH 21ForestM



70ecef677aac0d7b717a8f6621d6a905 Cc54a0cf0c57cbd667bb43fbad158f5b 5f09499a72484cf6e74d849fa04c29ed



70ecef677aac0d7b717a8f6621d6a905 Cc54a0cf0c57cbd667bb43fbad158f5b Df4b693aa9e1f8d39dcc330aec7eab02

Detail ArtEdit


Concept - SilverDragonTears
Entire Original Set - Hatchiko

Second series kits/adult: GoldenShadowFire, Hatchiko
Original Detail Art: kristhasirah
Egg: SilverDragonTears

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