The Foxes of the Forest Elements was a set of 4 elemental silvfoxes released on July 15, 2011. Their eggs radiate the element of the adult silvfox and they can wield the element that shares its name.

The four silvfoxes in this group are:

* Magic Grass Water Heat
Egg Elementm1 Elementg1 Elementw1 Elementh1
Foxling Magusfoxling 788fe9509603f9c34cea2e679c20a741 537fa59a66ac17f8386f426c891c523f 4b71c76d2302621288931ca63cb9616a
Adult Magical Elemental Silvfox (Adult)-1 6a9fb6ae30c19f521de121b87771eed1 5b90f14a9bc5a67505ace7faa0310458 Eb5a88e146f3d2d84c1acf1e8dc9c0ab

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