Available in the den

They were released on January 19th 2013 Its based off the January Birthstone and will stay around until the end of January.


Egg: This egg shimmers like garnet.

Foxling: Aww, it's a cute fox kit. Its pelt is the colour of a garnet gem and it's extremely fluffy.

Adult: Birthstone Silvfoxes can vary depending on the time of the year, such as changing in pelt design, colour, and much more. Each breed is distinctive in behaviour, and many discovered dens have been filled with the beautiful gems that each one associates itself with. Because of these discoveries, humans have decided to adopt each of these special stones as birthstones. They have very vivid and beautiful pelts that they show off to Birthstone Silvfoxes of other breeds, which actually sometimes leads to fights and overall frustration. Each different kind is full of pride.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 2d30f764f3858af83830dcc54af2b61d 1ca1ba4b74291a41796c8324d01f17bf 5a0604c829b8f2ca4f099eb154ddf5eb
Male 2d30f764f3858af83830dcc54af2b61d Da4e035f440bc3b27a712303f54c52d2 65b1edf38964b598c79fa2704b6bcef0

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
2d30f764f3858af83830dcc54af2b61d B0356f8f47ca1d4a74c7ea632778d385 6eaaccf8627b6e87231387c0e1a45289 8a1457c4db47db10190ec656f9936d01

Detail ArtEdit



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