Graven Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.

They were released on August 11, 2011 alongside the Redd and the Fairie Silvfoxes and were previously known as Grave Silvfoxes.


Egg: This egg is dark, and gives you an ominous feeling whenever you go near it.

Foxling: Aww...look! It's a fox kit! This kit is very aggressive and appears to have...bones... on it's back?

Adult: Graven Silvfoxes are a highly aggressive species that will readily attack without any provocation. They are complete carnivores and are incapable of digesting plant matter. Graven Silvfoxes are commonly seen hunting in packs where the hierarchy is determined by their skill in combat. The alphas are the top fighters and main mating pair. They lead the pack in their hunts and always eat first. Although the hierarchy changes often, one thing that is constant is that Graven Silfoxes respect strength and will show respect to their superiors.

As a right of passage, young Graven Silvfoxes must 'earn their stripes' by going on a solo hunt and taking down their first kill. The pack then feeds on this kill until nothing but the bones are left behind. Each member of the pack with take one of the bones and press it against the back of the young Silvfox, where it will fuse to their skin permanently. They wear their bones proudly.

This species is not easy to domesticate due to their rule of the strongest pack member rules. If an owner wants to truly domesticate a Graven Silvfox, they must maintain their spot as 'top silvfox' in the hierarchy.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Graven 1 Gravenfemalehatch1 Newgravenfemale
Male Graven 1 Gravenmalehatch1 7c3199823d5d7e685a3d18f0a32431ad
Original Female F3e9124bb43a7147b18c97d29688f57d 7639ac7e5a7251c63b2efadd265a081f 9c41bcea90e3fcdb50de8268f4580c29
Original Male F3e9124bb43a7147b18c97d29688f57d B5c393c7fddb98a7a5a0db1bcc244268 925dbe68a15972ec9115da969307d12c

Detail ArtEdit


Concept - Duzlla
original adults - Duzlla, Hatchiko

hatchling/adults- Hatchiko, Shukura
Detail Art Female adult - Hatchiko
Detail Art Kits/male adult - Kristhasirah
egg detail - Hawaiianbabidoll
egg sprite - superdude44, Hawaiianbabidoll

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