Hatchiko is an artist for Silvadopts. She is also a moderator of the Silvadopts forum.

Hatchiko's current avatar

Hatchiko's 'About Me' on the forum:

"Hello there, I'm Hatchiko, or Elicos, I respond to both.
A bit about me
Favorite animals: fox,wolf, big cat's, horses
Favorite show: Supernatural
Gender: female
Favorite food/restaurant: Kahns, Mongolian Barbecue
Favorite band: Linkin park
Second favorite bands(they're all tied):Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Skillet
Languages: English and Greek
Eye color: Blue... or silver,  can't tell.
Hair color: Brown to black, I dye it black most of the time.

I make sprites for the site, if you have a critter you want to see, or just want to blab, feel free to pm me.

Hatchiko's In-den workEdit

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