The Inferno Silvfox is currently available in the Den.

They were released on June 13, 2011 along with the Gold Silvfox.

The Inferno silvfox was the first species to exhibit gender dimorphism in the den and, along with the gold silvfox, was the first to have two different sprites for the adult stage.


Egg: "This egg is hot to the touch."

Foxling: "'s a fox kit! This kit loves to play with fire and amazingly it is never hurt by the flames."

Adult: "Inferno Silvfoxes are a peculiar breed that live in volcanic and tropical desert climates. Their backs secrete a highly flammable oil and they will use any opportunity to light themselves on fire. As kits, the oil does not last long and the fire eventually burns out, but as they age, they become capable of producing more and more oil until the fire on their backs burn indefininately. This ever lasting flame is important as kits can not tolerate the cold and will freeze to death in minutes if they are away from a heat source for too long.

Inferno Silvfoxes hunt in packs usually consisting of a single female and 4 or 5 males. Females are extremely territorial towards other females in the wild, though if raised domestically, they can be quite docile. Males are much calmer and obedient to their pack leader and often take turns watching the kits while the rest of the pack hunts."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Current Female Inferno-0 32KitFinished 17AdultSpriteFinished
Current Male Inferno-0 23KitFinished 7AdultFinished
Second Female Inferno-0 Infernofoxlingf 3753
Original Female Infernoegg1 Infernofoxlingf Infernofemale
Original Male Infernoegg1 Infernofoxlingm Infernomale

The Inferno Silvfox has a unique hatching sequence in which the egg cracks are on fire.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Inferno-0 Siggyphp 24e93e825044375729c2f38ff12179fd 31f22b68c5f349994838204ab053f9aa

Detail ArtEdit


Concept - Roconza
Original Set - Hatchiko
Current Adults and Hatchlings - GoldenShadowFire/Flare
New egg - SilverDragonTears