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The Lichen Silvfoxes were originally available in the Den but were taken down sometime in november of 2011 due to poor sprite quality.

They returned on April Fools Day, 2012.


Egg: This egg seems to have lichen growing on its shell.

Foxling: Aww... it´s a fox kit! Its fur feels like lichen.

Adult: Lichen foxes line their nests with lichen and it often clings to the surfaces of their eggs. They keep to lichen covered ground where their kits will stay camouflaged and safe from predators. Male Lichen foes often take it upon their selves to look over the kits while the females go out hunting.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female F621c53e5eb58fa7196667e9f7ac5b7b 3b152057f3f67af862aa178e049c11c8 female hatch D4a69e760542972e079488c0a54c1012
Male F621c53e5eb58fa7196667e9f7ac5b7b 259ae8b19eb30531c82790f28ba1e0fe E1a5e29cf9c97d74b310500b69e0dcf8 male lichen adult
Original Lichenegg Lichenfoxling 74b33b504e50945f44ae370e6c66727f

Detail ArtEdit


Original set - albinosilver

Current set: Kristhasirah