Nemesis is the mascot of Silvadopts and was unable to be obtained until 2/20/2013, when an entire growing set was created by birdzareboomin and Silver released it as an Ultra Rare Silvadopt in the den.

The original adoptable of him on the site is in the den of the site's creator Silver Kitsuneas it was the test adoptable to make sure the site was in working order. Prior to the site upgrade, Nemesis was also in charge of the shop where players can trade in Silva Dollars for special adoptables or food items.


Egg: "This dark egg has stripes on it."

Baby: "'s a fox kit! Even though it doesn't seem to like them, it acts as the leader of the other kits."

Adult: "The Nemesis Silvfox represents the large number of lives lost in the Second Great War. It has markings on its hind legs in the shape of skulls and crossbones, as a reminder of those who were noble enough to fight to their death for what they believed in. The Nemesis Silvfox also is a reference to the Day of Remembrance, which is the special day dedicated to the heroic sacrifices made by those who died in the Second Great War."


Nemesis was first born to the mighty King of the Misty Woods, Jah Majk0 Hicoh and Cut0 Majk0. Sadly, their lives were taken when poachers invaded the Misty Woods and killed them both for their beautiful striped pelts. Nemesis was kept hidden deep in the Den and grew up to become the new king of the woods. His dark stripes represent loyalty and the white represent pride.


Series Egg Baby Adult Special Alts Birdzareboomin's
Spriter Alts
Nemesis Silvfox Egg
Nemesis Kit 2
Nemesis Silvfox Female 2
Nemesis Silvfox Female Pink
Nemesis Silvfox Female Blue
Nemesis Silvfox Egg
Nemesis Kit
Nemesis Silvfox Male
Nemesis Silvfox Male Pink
Nemesis Silvfox Male Blue

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Nemesis Silvfox Egg

Beta sprites:Bd83b399f5cf8693bb00ba13f7747b5c9c0f431ac73e3f023ffc67c35244771c


New Sprites:

birdzareboomin (all)

Old Sprites:

First sprite created by Switch

Second sprite created by kristhasirah

designed by Silver Kitsune