Neon Tipped Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.


They were released on August 14, 2011 under the name Green Tipped Vis Silvfoxes. The Vis was later dropped. Before the female version was added, both male and female foxes looked like the current males, but with the addition of the female, they no longer all had green tipped tails and the name was changed.


Egg: This egg is brightly colored.

Foxling: Aww it's a fox kit! It's chest and tail tip are a vibrant color and seem to have a faint glow at night.

Adult: Neon Tipped Silvfoxes are omnivores and have an enzyme in their fur that makes their chests and tail tips glow during the night. The males entire pelt gives off a faint glow, however their chests and tail tip glows brighter as they mature. The brighter males are more likely to earn a mate. The females' black pelt does not glow at all, so once a female has picked a mate, she will do the hunting while he takes care of the kits. The females' blue fur does have a glow and is used to entrance small, unsuspecting prey before pouncing.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Neon-0 Color22 F977293578a82df70e458899a3e274fe
Male Neon-0 64014e97b015aec2cf6fceec5c1e0a06 F81b558f8f30e04d381425d50686cef9
Original Uni aesdgFemerdfthgh

Detail ArtEdit


Original egg, adults, and kits- GoldenShadowFire/Flare
egg sprite/detail art- Hawaiianbabidoll
Adult/kit Detail art - Kristhasirah

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