Noctis Silvfoxes were available in the den.

They were released on June 10, 2011. Like all the adoptables with beta sprites, they were removed on 11/23/2011 until new sprites could be created. They were the first beta sprites to be replaced and were re-released the following day (11/24/2011),


Egg: This egg resembles the night sky.

Foxling:'s a fox kit! This kit has a belt as dark as the night sky. Strangely enough, it is covered in glittering markings that remind you of the stars.

Adult: Noctis Silvfoxes got their name due to their dark, star lit fur. Their pelt has the unusual ability to absorb starlight, giving the creature a faint glow. They prefer to spend their time close to the stars and are a common sight around mountainous areas. During breeding season, the fox with the most impressive patterning will win a mate. When threatened, The Noctis Silvfox will stand stock still. Their skin releases a chemical compound that negates the shine of the star pelt and allows the Silvfox to hide in the darkness.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female E2778b24922f1375b8e89a55993a28ee 11998.gif 012658c65a2e435ddcf7a58edb5dd940
Male E2778b24922f1375b8e89a55993a28ee 11998.gif 6ed5440fe54dac39f3ff4ec4f08643c5
Original 64d6183a6126fab5decb2e7c96f852fb E67aa2cadaf6cf5c7e6d222fd2c6f322 31a141fe3031df6a0c57cdaeb9787831

Detail ArtEdit


Original Set - Switch
New Set - kristhasirah

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