Orange Winged Silvfoxes are available in the Den.

It is one of five types of winged silvfoxes, the others being the Teal, Blue, Yellow, and Dark winged.


Egg: "This egg appears to have orange wings on it."

Foxling: "Aww... It's a fox kit! It's very friendly and loves playing with others."

Adult: "Like another of the winged silvfoxes, the orange winged silvfox relies on mimicry to protect its kits. Young silvfoxes are a startling shade of red similar to that of the young tiger silvfox. Predators fearing the ferocious and protective tiger silvfox they think is nearby are less inclined to attack the red kit. Orange silvfoxes need this protections as the adults are not very good fighters. They are a very family oriented species that will take in any type of stray baby and raise it as their own. Small family groups form, nesting in tall grass and using their wings to reach fruits high up in the canopy, and it is not uncommon to see a different species of silvfox within the family."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Current Wingorange1 Abcd30f2b89d8ee57411eab53f5e0597 2b5c61585839ba82e22db751c865d2ca
Original 56db66b3eeb4b32470d2b286a8762b9d

Detail ArtEdit


Entire Set - Isura
Egg sprite/detail art - Hawaiianbabidoll

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