Pink Ribbon Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.


They were released on October 6, 2012.


Egg: "This egg is the color of a pink ribbon."

Foxling: "Aww...look! It's a fox kit! It appears to be a natural born runner."

Adult: "Pink Ribbon foxes are a rare breed in the Misty Forest. They only breed in October for a short period before moving on. During that time, they find their mates by showing their great speed and running in patterns. From above, these patterns can be seen as a loop and is often started by the female in which the male joins in mid-run and finishes it with the female."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Cfb7ec28c299b233b882f0d58ddaadd3 4c77b8217ca2ede81f2240ab8a5905c3 C7125ac107364c6d73924df7b0b013b0
Male Cfb7ec28c299b233b882f0d58ddaadd3 6221aa55737d581b4f747a50e646019d 348b56632f80c9d9d76f59bf15f3aba4

The Pink Ribbon Silvfox has a unique hatching sequence in which the gem heart on the egg shatters.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Cfb7ec28c299b233b882f0d58ddaadd3 3c7b9aca5dff84c7d0332b244e6501df 83c7b9b5d769a47baa17623cfb5d6a0c 973bf9c3796a2458ac09e5f79b37b77d

Detail ArtEdit


Full Set - kristhasirah

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