Pink Stitches were released during the Valentine's Day 2012 event. Their eggs can be obtained by breeding a White Stitch Silvfox with a Red Stitch Silvfox. During Valentine's day, the breeding is common but it becomes much harder after the event.


Egg: This egg is dark with stitches on it.

Foxling: Aww... it's a fox kit! It has stitch like markings down its back and red eyes. It likes to practice its running and fighting skills before curling up in a luke warm bed.

Adult: Pink Stitch Silvfoxes are a very rare breed. They can only be produced by a white and red stitch fox falling in love and breeding. This is uncommon due to the difference in characterisitcs of the two breeds and their preferred habitats. The Pink Stitch Silvfox develops a mixture of both breed's characteristics thus having the ability to fight well and run at high speeds. This breed also can live in either warm or cold climates.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 57fa43df979f7f1fb98bfa4f97b1e5b9 9584fd00a5d042588ef45571c5279972FEMALE Ac6289e705224f7aa9ef8f8d45cf10bcFEMALE
Male 57fa43df979f7f1fb98bfa4f97b1e5b9 C3c5a7f350b51a855ec96186efd22ca5MALE 1d26339d4d53990fc2bdd38ee178268dMALE

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
57fa43df979f7f1fb98bfa4f97b1e5b9 A76f5b61663545d93f2fbad916e5c792 67877549d44b96021be59e18afcabd34 E0bc25a5bc53b5d53c877d36009fe8cf

Detail ArtEdit


Entire set - Kristhasirah

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