The Planetary Silvfoxes are currently available through donating real money to the site. Every $10 earns you one planetary exclusive silvfox. There are 7 variants of the planetary silvfoxes, though they all share the same base sprite, and correspong to a celestial body in our solar system.

Originally the sun and moon varients had their own descriptions, however now they all share the same description.

The planetary Silvfoxes ARE breedable.


Egg: This egg rotates in circles around the other eggs.

Foxling: Aww, it's a little kit! It loves to gaze up at the sky, especially when it can see the stars and planets clearly.

Adult: Planetary silvfoxes have been touched by a celestial body. They vary in size, with Sun silvfoxes being the largest and moon being the smallest. Born only under the light of the stars and in the clearest midnight skies, it is said that the original planetary silvfox blessed each of its offspring with a different heavenly body. To this day, the descendents of those offspring still carry the blessings of their lineage and are marked by the heavenly body that protects them. Though they may never meet another of their kind, all planetary silvfoxes are drawn to each other and get along remarkable well with one another, often circling each other upon meeting as a type of greeting.

Old Sun Description: Aww, it's a little kit! Its fur glows so brightly that it hurts to look directly at it. Sun Silvfoxes are very solitary creatures. They tend to sit motionless, radiating light and warmth as they bask in the sun. Despite their silence, the flora and fauna of the Misty Woods, especially the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn Silvfoxes, are drawn toward them.

Old Moon Description: Aww, it's a little kit! It seems to enjoy gazing at the moon-lit sky. Moon Silvfoxes are very friendly, amiable creatures, though they tend to gravitate strongly toward Earth Silvfoxes. Their fur normally glows faintly, but the glow brightens when they are in close proximity to Sun Silvfoxes.


Series Egg Child Adult
Earth Earth Silvfox Egg Earth Silvfox Foxling Earth Silvfox Adult
Jupiter Jupiter Silvfox Egg Jupiter Silvfox Foxling Jupiter Silvfox Adult
Mars Mars Silvfox Egg Mars Silvfox Foxling Mars Silvfox Adult
Mercury Sun Silvfox Egg 6da3190081bbc7f6652f84c968c5fd8d Fd94376a5db3e6c7f63ec5cd547b6252
Moon Moon Silvfox Egg Moon Silvfox Foxling Moon Silvfox Adult
Saturn Saturn Silvfox Egg Saturn Silvfox Foxling Saturn Silvfox Adult
Sun Sun Silvfox Egg Sun Silvfox Foxling Sun Silvfox Adult

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Sun Silvfox Egg - - Ff3a961db1fad234683c7e2d1358372b

Detail ArtEdit


Set - Isura

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