Rainbow Silvfoxes are currently available in the SilvAshop for 1050 Silva Dollars.


Rainbow Silvfoxes were previously known as Pluvia Silvfoxes. Before the female versions were added, all Silvfoxes had the male sprites.

Like all the adoptables with beta sprites, they were removed on 11/23/2011 until new sprites could be created. They returned to the Silvadopts shop on 5/6/2012.


Egg: This egg appears to have rainbow markings.

Foxling:'s a baby kit! This kit seems to have a rainbow in it's fur! And look, you can often see it gazing up at the sky!

Adult: Rainbow Silvfoxes get their name because they generally shed bright fragments of colors that, when looked at closely, create a rainbow. They generally eat plants, almost any color, to keep the fragments of color in their pelts.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 1bdff400eef7c9023068b33b26da942cnewrainbow 9a79689352e56f39eb3d3cd80c08e2e1femalerainbow Rainbow F
Male 1bdff400eef7c9023068b33b26da942cnewrainbow Rainbow M Pup Rainbow M
Original Female 1905334e5c1b03648ca0d529a271a8aa 0036a11bdb56bb1144c1fcd2a6088eec Bff770aff297df370accce9c40a05741
Original Male 1905334e5c1b03648ca0d529a271a8aa 0036a11bdb56bb1144c1fcd2a6088eec A0b2ae646be5b58cfbc3e13249ff215b

Detail ArtEdit


Original Set - Switch, SilverDragonTears

Current Set - Ollychimera (Female Adult)