Rakkaus Cockatoo was originally available in the den.


It was released on the February 14 for Valentine's day and was only around for one week. Apart from breeding during valentine's day and trading, it is impossible to obtain.


Egg: This brightly patterned egg seems very fragile.

Hatchling: Aww...It's a baby bird, it has become very attached to you and depends on you for everything.

Adult: The Rakkaus' Cockatoo is a very social bird that is rarely seen alone. Pairs share a special bond that can only be broken through the death of a partner. If ever seperated from its own kind, these cockatoos can fall into deep depression and may resort to plucking out their own feathers. Both genders sport a brightly patterned crest, which they use to show emotions. It is said that no two Rakkaus' Cockatoos have the same crest patterns and each bird can be distinguished in this way. Breeding season takes place in early February and nests are carved out into tree hollows. Rakkaus' Cockatoos are dedicated parents are are very caring towards their young. Chicks hatch feather-less and completly depending, and may remain with their parents for up to a year before gaining independance.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Rakkausegg Rakkaushatchling RakkausFemale
Male RakkausMale

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Rakkausegg 67ee52b5331606ed3d1c430bd51011bb 29090b819f6564b010c25e6149c45785 9e3558898b2a621d497b78c2530594e4

Detail ArtEdit


Sprite set - Albinosilver
Digital Set - Kristhasirah

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