Red Rook Silvwolves are currently available in the den. They share the same egg sprite as White Rook Silvwolves.

They were intially released on July 2, 2011 but disappeared from the den soon after. They were once again released into the den on September 8, 2011.

On February 11th, 2013, the Red and White Silvwolves were updated. They now have different eggs from one another, along with a new set of sprites.


Egg: "This egg has a checkered pattern on it."

Foxling: "Aww... it's a wolf pup! It's pelt is checkered in two tones of red and it has an impressive sprint."

Adult: "Red Rook Silvwolves are a very territorial breed. They live in large packs and though accepting of other species, they tend not to socialize with anything but their own kind. Red Rook Silvwolves have an ongoing feud with White Rook Silvwolves and in the wild will fight with them whenever they are encountered. Domestication seems to calm this grudge.
All Rook Silvwolves are incredible runners and one of the fastest species in the forest. Their speed does have a crippling downside - at top speed they move so fast that they cannot turn. This means they can only reach their full speed potential if they are moving in a straight line. This is believed to be why Rook Silvwolves make their homes in large, open areas."


Series Egg Baby Adult

New Female

Rook Wolf Egg
Rook Wolf Kit 2
Rook Wolf Adult 2

New Male

Rook Wolf Egg
Rook Wolf Kit
Rook Wolf Adult

Old Female

Rook1 Cbbdd46b228b519b0974962d51cc5e28 B680eabf769861e3f6a8206d5c6218c3

Old Male

Rook1 Cbbdd46b228b519b0974962d51cc5e28 34801643b0689070a23f60be8df89921
Original 0605b0874be4a03ff9f6d903ac49ca85

Detail ArtEdit


New sprites:

Entire Set- birdzareboomin

Detail art- Hawaiianbabidoll

Old Sprites:

Entire Set - Hatchiko
Egg sprite/detail art - Hawaiianbabidoll