Red Stitch Silvfoxes are were in the Den.

They were released on June 6, 2011 and were originally called Stitched Silvfoxes. This name was changed with the release of the White Stitch Silvfox, which shares its egg description.

Like all the adoptables with beta sprites, they were removed on November 23, 2011 until new sprites could be created. They were reintroduced on November 28, 2012.


Egg: "This egg is dark with stitches on it."

Foxling: "Aww... it's a fox kit! It has stitch like markings down its back and red eyes. It likes to practice its fighting skills before curling up in a nice warm bed."

Adult: "Red Stitch Silvfoxes are one of the most ancient breeds of Silvfoxes. Their diet mainly consists of invertebrates such as insects, however, due to their violent temper they will attack any who come too close. Red Stitch Silvfoxes are perfectly content with living alone and come together in the wild only to breed. Unlike their more sociable white stitch cousins, this species adore warm climates and are occasionally seen sunbathing."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female F1b615cade65b3c5b7e00c2475b0548b RStichSKit2 128e9da29831fc8223cafcb67ea12fcf
Male F1b615cade65b3c5b7e00c2475b0548b RStichSKit2 RStichSAdultM2
Original 2ee6d20d6e08a7fd5e707a26275d8a40 0d7f12a9f8a49e9cd62eac40802c2175 43dbd0ec6548e4052cd25a3d27358f37

Detail ArtEdit


Original Set - Switch
Egg sprite - SilverDragonTears
New Set - Kristhasirah

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