Arctic Silvfoxes are available in the den.

They were released on December 31, 2011 as an event release for the new year, however this species will remain in the den permanently.


Egg: "This egg is gray and fuzzy."

Foxling: "Aww it's a baby squirrel! It likes to dart around and cling to trees."

Adult: "The SilvSquirrel is an extremely common forest-dweller; one can always be found in the forest, wherever you look. It spends its time on the ground foraging, but prefers to travel distances leaping from tree to tree. It gathers enormous amounts of food in the spring- and summertime and stores it away for the winter.

SilvSquirrels communicate with each other, sounding alarm calls when predators are nearby. The SilvSquirrel's main predator in the forest is the SilvFox. At the beginning of every year, at midnight, all SilvSquirrels gather in one part of the forest, in trees. They then proceed to drop the biggest and best acorns they have, in honor of the new year. Once the acorns have hit the ground, the SilvSquirrels gather them up and bury them in a ceremonial hole, to be dug up for the Thanksgiving feast, later in the year."



Detail ArtEdit


Sprites - GoldenShadowFire (Flare)
Detail Art - Kristhasirah

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