Silver Silvfoxes are currently available in the shop for 2000 Silva Dollars.

The Inferno silvfox, along with the Inferno Silvfox, was the first to have two different sprites for the adult stage. Silver Silvfoxes originally shared an egg sprite with the Gold Silvfox and were originally available in the den before becoming exclusivly a shop only adoptable. It was originally 1000 silva dollars.


Egg: "This egg is streaked with silver."

Foxling: "'s a fox kit! It has beautiful shiny fur and its pelt glistens as it walks."

Adult: "Silver Silvfoxes make their dens in forest with rocky terrain, but have become incredibly rare in the wild. Their pelts attract too much attention from predators and alerts prey to their presence. Wild Silver Silvfoxes keep their young hidden in their dens to protect them from predators, but usually only a single kit per litter will survive to adulthood due to malnourishment. Their metallic pelts are also a popular trade item, though hunting them is now illegal. Breeders have taken it upon themselves to try to bring their population up, and it has become forbidden to take a Silver Silvfox from the wild.
Silver Silvfoxes are hunters quite skilled at climbing rocky areas and are occasionally seen catching birds who fly too close to their climbing grounds. They hunt best at steep grey cliffs near the water where their shiny pelts can be mistaken for wet rocks."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Silver egg Silverklein2 Silverfox23
Male Silver egg Silverklein Silverfox



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Detail ArtEdit


Concept: Roconza
Egg sprite/detail art - Hawaiianbabidoll
Current hatchlings/adults- Isura
Original Set - Hatchiko