The Song Silvfoxes are currently available in the Den.


They were released on March 21, 2012 and although they all share an egg and a description, the pelt of the offspring will always match its parents' coat.


Egg: A faint tune can be heard from within the shell of this egg.

Foxling: Awww... it´s a fox kit! It was born with stubby little wings and a very loud voice.

Adult: The Song Silvfox is known for the eerie howling tunes that they make to communicate with each other. These songs are only heard on spring nights and symbolize the passing of winter. Both genders of this species sport a colourful plumage which they use to display to each other during the day when they are silent. In the end, however, mates are picked by the song they sing, with each individual fox prefering a different song.


Each color was inspired by another bird that resulted in a nickname for each color. Oriole/Yellow Song Silvfox, Blue Jay/Blue Song Silvfox, and the Robin/Red Song Silvfox.

Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Ec714ab9ffc00b16e7578924214703bb JkY7u1378d606a49b24ed0262dca7fbd0c3729e27cbe731ea496e73042c98f5dfd5cd 9d5aaf434d65a20c0795910cbdc80980female50bf6c2e7274a2b79a3a952719b51e13fe78427896f3b18f33fce8a03d827c4f24female
Male Ec714ab9ffc00b16e7578924214703bb JkY7u1378d606a49b24ed0262dca7fbd0c3729e27cbe731ea496e73042c98f5dfd5cd 4164ee3a694a01f244266c9bcee47329maleDfc849d59e99e7554488733429db6ee2Aafe57c49ae976cbccfb6c7314476d76

Detail ArtEdit


Sprite Set/concept - Albinosilver
Digital Set - kristhasirah