Sorrow Silvfoxes were originally available in the Den .

They were released on October 31, 2011 and were available for a few days after and are no longer obtainable apart from breeding during halloween or trading.

They were a special adoptable released for Halloween of 2011.


Egg: "This egg gives off a feeling of distress."

Foxling: "This foxling prefers to spend its time alone, but oddly enough always comes to you when you're feeling blue."

Adult: "The Sorrow Silvfox is highly attuned to the negative feelings of others and can sense when other creatures are feeling down. Because of this, they tend not to surround themselves by others as the negative feelings cause the silvfox itself to become sad. They are however very caring to those they love and when they sense the sadness of loved ones, they will instantly come to try to comfort them."


Egg Baby Adult
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Detail ArtEdit


set - albinosilver, SilverDragonTears
Adult Detail Art - Kristhasirah

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