Spring Silvfoxes are currently available in the seasonal Den during the Spring.


During the other seasons, a different seasonal silvfox is available and the Spring Silvfox, when bred, will always give an egg of the current season.

They were released on March 21, 2012.


Egg: This egg has a sweet essence coming from it.

Foxling: Aww... it's a fox kit! It seems to be attracted to the blooming flowers.

Adult: Spring silvfoxes only appear when the warmth of spring brings flowers into bloom. They will wait, asleep, for several months, until that time arrives. During Spring the female and male use bright colors to attract their future mate. During the months that spring lasts, these silvfoxes dance with the wind, releasing parts of their coat that resembles small flower petals and filling the forest with their sweet essence, giving a bright and colorful theme to the misty Forest.


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female Springsilvfoxegg SpringKitS SpringFemaleS
Male Springsilvfoxegg SpringKit2 SpringMaleSV3

Detail ArtEdit


Full Set - kristhasirah

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