Winter Silvfoxes are currently available in the seasonal Den during the winter.
Big 5 winter male2

During the other seasons, a different seasonal silvfox is available and the winter Silvfox, when bred, will always give an egg of the current season.

They were released on Decembet 21, 2011.


Egg: "This egg is buried in the snow."

Foxling: "Aww it's a fox kit! It loves cold weather and the air around its fur is always cool."

Adult: "Winter silvfoxes are only found when there is snow on the ground. Winter Silvfoxes have a naturally low body temperature and their fur is always cool to the touch. Adults need the ice cold snow in order to fertilize eggs. In the wild, mates are monogamous and the blue pelted male will stay at home while the female goes off to hunt. The male's dark coat helps it hide better in the shadows of the snow, allowing it to protect the eggs and kits without drawing the attention of a predator. The female's white coat is better suited for the sunlit fields where it hunts, capturing enough prey for the entire family. Winter silvfoxes are omnivores and will often catch and collect more than they can eat at one time. They store the excess food in the snow, using nature like a freezer in case food becomes scarce."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female 3859330f6553fd1e1baf7ffa8bef2552 Female A6fd2cbb2743fdf0c485440486520139
Male 3859330f6553fd1e1baf7ffa8bef2552 Male 4415cb5ae2e382c66fbaa3d9c171ac3f

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Detail ArtEdit


Female kit, egg - kristhasirah
male adult - Hawaiianbabidoll
female adult, male kit - Kristhasirah, Hawaiianbabidoll

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