Yellow Winged Silvfoxes are available in the Den.

It is one of five types of winged silvfoxes, the others being the Teal, Blue, Orange, and Dark winged.


Egg: "This egg appears to have yellow wings on it."

Foxling: "Aww... It's a fox kit! Its always chasing butterflies and trying to catch beetles."

Adult: "Yellow winged silvfoxes prefer eating insects over anything else. However, hunting this prey is a two step process. First the silvfox will eat a large amount of scented flowers, gaining the attractive smell themselves. Then it lies on the ground, letting its brown body blend in with the dirt, and spreads its wings out low, making sure to keep very still. Insects approach the yellow winged silvfox believing the bright colors to be the petals of a flower. Once close enough, the silvfox strikes with impressive speed. Sometimes, a mother and her kits can be seen setting their flower traps together, though the kits rarely catch anything due to the lack of scent obtained from eating flowers for at least a year."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Current Wingyellow1 12091e219a058d4d1b309e51c10c9128 Da6bfa47d8c130ccd674f1d58f4db1a4
Original 215004569e795df9273c6b28266eb8a4

Detail ArtEdit


Entire Set - Isura
Egg sprite/detail art - Hawaiianbabidoll