Yuletide Silvfox are available in the Den. They were released on December 22, 2012.


Egg: "This egg gives off a joyful feeling."

Foxling: "'s a fox kit! It looks so happy playing in the snow, it seems to be waiting for something."

Adult: "The Yuletide Silvfox is a rare breed that is usually only seen during certain days in December, during which it is most active. They are an unusual breed in that the female tries to attract the male to mate, using mistletoe and holly to try to entice the males. Once they become mates, they mate for life and both spend their time collecting many pretty and shiny objects or tasty fruits and nuts. They gather these all year round and store them in their dens, only to empty their vast collection at that one time of the year when they gift these prizes to sleeping kits."


Series Egg Baby Adult
Female B6353dc78b9ab9896e883f6c1136b8c3 767f2d0d8cd1be88697a3d63efc032f1 59c5586c9f8027e9da6282d86d8b5159
Male B6353dc78b9ab9896e883f6c1136b8c3 203e5dc1ab9f8e100271cf7e33dce527 8b24a77a06bfabf3d1416025888ac5d8

Egg Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
B6353dc78b9ab9896e883f6c1136b8c3 C5e43fde641aa8f3845805e3c72e92b0 2624434c71507c69cedfcc7c3fd28e4f F78824192492130c5a15ae05b601f4c8

Detail ArtEdit


Set - kristhasirah

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